Business Waste Disposal

Scheduled Business Waste Pick-ups

Are You Paying Too Much For Your Waste Disposal? We Will Source You A Better Rate

Business waste solutions to save your business money and time business waste disposalSMT Waste Brokers specialise in working with you to find you the most cost-effective option for your scheduled business waste collection. Whether it is daily, weekly, or as you see fit, customising your waste disposal to meet your budget gives you peace of mind and takes the hassle out of talking to many waste management companies. Contact us today to discuss an easy and cost effective scheduled waste pickup.

Retail and Restaurants

Retail is a huge contributor to waste, and waste is a real cost to retail. SMT Waste Brokers helps retail organisations like yours enhance their brand image, boost profitability, and minimise regulatory risk by making environmental practises an integral part of daily operations. As Australia’s leading waste management broker and environmental solutions company, we have the access to the industry expertise and service infrastructure to ensure environmental performance and regulatory compliance at every level of your operations, as well as across every category of waste.

Food Waste

When it comes to choosing the right waste pickup, forward-thinking restaurants and chains look to SMT Waste Brokers for a full menu of ways to achieve the highest quality hygiene and sustainability without blowing the budget. Our experience in the industry has led us to develop fully integrated recycling and disposal services that allow any size of restaurant to control costs, raise recycling, increase diversion, and enhance their green image, all while maintaining the highest level of cleanliness.

Health Care Practices

SMT Waste Brokers helps healthcare organisations like yours adopt sustainable strategies that optimise profitability without compromising quality of care, and at the same time saving the organisation money and time. By applying the best practises throughout your organisation, we are able to look at your business waste disposal and management needs in an innovative way, to create real savings for you and your organization. Further to making these real savings, the goal of sustainability for your organisation, your patients, your community, and the planet itself, is the top priority; as well as streamlining operations to minimise your business waste and recycle materials. The results can be far-reaching as you improve safeguards that protect your patients, the facility, and reputation of your organisation through cost-effective and sustainable waste management solutions. Contact us today for a free assessment and quote.


Our core purpose at SMT Waste Brokers is to save you money and time; but did you know this means that every conversation we have, we look at ways to integrate the recycling and reuse of your waste? We work with you to identify your recycling materials and we cost-effectively deliver recycling pickup services for all materials.


With our EWaste service, we work with you to correctly dispose of your business waste and ewaste and destroy your confidential information (hard drives, etc.) through our partner’s confidential shredding service. Hard drives can be shredded to 2mm pieces through a two-process shredding procedure, ensuring there is no chance of your confidential information getting into the wrong hands. Our Ewaste service is all about recycling and reusing as much materials as possible. You will be surprised to learn that 98% of your bulky desktop can be reused and/or recycled. Contact us today to discuss your EWaste needs.

Medical Waste

SMT Waste Brokers makes sustainability for your healthcare facility both possible and profitable. Our industry experts work with you to create safe, responsible, and customised programs to collect and dispose of your medical waste. We also work to keep your costs down and to remain compliant with safety regulations. Whether you choose scheduled business waste collection services, SMT Waste Brokers makes medical waste disposal more convenient. That way, you can focus on what matters most – your patients.

Comprehensive, Customisable Services

Rely on SMT Waste Brokers to provide a totally customisable suite of programs and services that allow you to minimise waste and deliver substantial business value across your entire enterprise. Think of us as you one-stop-shop waste management and environmental solutions provider – delivering cost-effective and sustainable results at the relentless speed of retail. Customisable Solutions, Ready to Serve We work with you to deliver business waste management solutions that save you money and time. If late pickups have been an issue, or simply just not knowing how much you should be paying for waste services, contact us today to discuss the right solution for you. you.