Get to Know How E-Waste Disposal Works


In every household, in today’s world, you will find at least a dozen electronic products – TV, refrigerator, computers, cell phones, radios, music players, gaming consoles and what not! While some are used on a regular basis, others are just laying in corner of the house waiting to be thrown out in the trash. Over the years, the use of electronic appliances has increased significantly. We cannot live without mobile phones, and then there are other items such as smoke detectors, lawn mowers, microwaves, vacuum cleaners; you can even get electronic toothbrushes! Have you ever wondered what happens when you throw them as waste? Let’s find out:

The dangers of e-waste:

In most cases, what we can see from outside is the casing of these products. Underneath it lie electrical connections, wiring and circuit board that make the device work. Although the metal outer-shell decomposes over the years, the inner mechanical organs are the ones that leave behind trails of toxic elements. E-waste produces harmful chemicals like arsenic, mercury, lead, copper, cadmium, nickel, zinc, chromium, barium and many others. Also the flame-retardant chemicals that are released by many of these electronic items pose a great threat to health. When these waste products go to landfills, they increase the risk of land pollution.

electronic waste disposal sydneyGrowing pollution is one of the growing menaces of the modern world, and e-waste matters only add to the already deplorable state of the earth. Environmentalists are gravely concerned about the effects of biomagnifications and bioaccumulation, and how it can affect us all. That is why the importance of electronic waste disposal is significant, and the necessity of it is undeniable. Although many organizations have been aware of the potential threat electronic waste poses to the environment, it wasn’t until recently that people started talking about it. And it is high time for us to take the matter seriously.

What are we doing about e-waste?

To manage electronic waste products, and to protect the earth from the toxic elements released by these items, the Australian government has taken serious actions. A number of waste management companies have emerged in Sydney over the past few years. These companies provide professional waste management services that regular individuals and organizations can utilize to manage and dispose of the waste they produce on a daily basis. The government has set some rules, regulations and guidelines that both businesses and individuals need to follow when dealing with their e-waste products.