How to Get Started with Recycling

The concept of recycling became famous around four decades ago when an American paper company needed a logo to communicate the recycled contents of their products to their customers. A competition was held, and a young graphic designer named Gary Anderson won the title. His design was based on the Mobius strip, and it is now a universally recognized symbol for recycling. For many people, the word recycling conjures up images of bottle drives and blue plastic bins. Most big shot companies take part in recycling because they don’t want to deal with the manufactured packaging. However, recycling is much more than that. It is a law of nature, a design principle, and a source of creativity and prosperity!

If you want to steer clear of corporate sponsored recycling by making recycling a more integral part of your life, you would need some basic tips to get started. Recycling does require a certain amount of legwork, but don’t worry, the recycling services Sydney are always there to help you out whenever you are not able manage things on your own. While you can leave the finer and more advanced concepts of recycling for the professional recycling services, you can handle some parts of it all by yourself. Here is how you can go about it:

Remember to reduce, reuse and recycle:

The aphorism is so widely used that it has almost become a common phrase among the general mass. Although most of us are familiar with the recycling part, there are several steps before recycling that need to be taken care of. This aphorism is structured in order of importance. So you cannot jump straight to recycling, if you are not practicing reducing and reusing. You can start by reducing the amount you consume, and finding creative uses for waste matters. If something is broken, don’t just toss it into the garbage bin. Instead of replacing the item, get it fixed and use it again. This is especially applicable for electronic appliances. For example, by using reusable water containers, you are actually reducing and eliminating the use of water bottles at least in your household.

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Learn what you can and cannot recycle:

You need to get to know about the recycling policy of your area. Read the rules carefully and be sure to not send anything that cannot be processed. There are certain specifications in every city, and you must follow the guidelines to the best of your abilities. You would also have to learn the difference between green-washed recycling and real recycling. Once you are aware of the difference, you will be able to avoid companies that promote ‘fake feel-good’ recycling.