Profitability Vs Cry Of The Earth For Recycling

Deplorable Depletion of Earth’s Resources
The earth does not have much to spare, and this is a fact that each and every living individual of the civilized society must educate themselves with. Unlike the Bushmen of the Kalahari, who are probably the rarest specimens of humans who still follow the practice of adapting themselves to nature than the other way round, us, the educated and the cultured have ripped the planet apart with an array of ‘wants’ than actual ‘needs’.

Following a chain of unfortunate circumstances that may have started rather productively with a spark of curiosity, the world today is standing at the brink of losing almost all valuable resources to complete non existence. To think of a day when you possess a vehicle but no gas to run it has been sending shivers down infinite souls who know that a million more cars will be added to the roads by the next decade.

Recycling – A Thoughtful Solution or a Profitable One
From among the most functional solutions that are being sought so far, recycling has come to stand as the most reasonable solution to prevent wastage of resources. The idea behind this simple way of reusing the reusable is a smart solution to stop sweeping away fresh resources from the heart of the planet. Say for example, recycling of newspapers, cardboard and other paper based products has contributed to stopping the steady exploitation of rain forests because no new trees have to be chopped to create paper in the first place.

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While everything was looking just perfect and expectation of a brighter tomorrow for Earth seemed close at hand, the matter of unprofitability of recycling surfaced with uncomfortable acceptance from the expert thinkers. It is true that the plants undertaking the task of recycling are feeling the brunt of the fact that at infinite occasions, the cost of the procedure is scaling way higher than what the end products are fetching in the market. This is a very potent problem because running endeavors at a loss can thwart the overall usefulness of the consequences.

The Solution
Here are 2 basic facts that cannot be ignored in this context… firstly, it is critical that recycling continues to save whatever is left of the Earth and secondly, the entities running such endeavors should remain motivated enough to continue with it. Thus, as far as short terms solutions is concerned, the government of individual nations must encourage and fund the development of right infrastructure to manage waste and support recycling. At the same time, each and every individual of the civilized society must be educated about waste management and reduction of waste creation.