Sydney Takes Measures for Advanced Waste Management

Growing waste has a debilitating effect on our environment, and it is time to give the age old waste management system a modern and advanced makeover! Keeping this in mind, The City of Sydney Council has decided to keep the city as clean as possible, applying eco friendly measures. The objective is to make Sydney go green. That is why steps are being taken to manage the city’s waste in the most environmentally friendly and ethical way possible. As far as the present waste management plan states, it is believed that by the year of 2030, businesses and households in the inner city areas will be sending more than 200, 000 tonnes of waste products to landfill every year.


However, another concern that the Council has predicted is the lack of landfills close to Sydney. By 2030, the present landfills will all be full to the brim, and no longer capable of taking more waste matters. That is why the council will be forced to send the waste more than 250km away. At the moment, the City Council is making plans for improving and changing the methods that are currently used for managing waste products. They are planning to develop advanced waste treatment plans that will make it possible to virtually eliminate non-recyclable waste that goes to landfill.

Another concern that needs to be taken care of is the production of harmful greenhouse gases that is caused by decomposing waste in the landfills. The landfill process mainly gives rise to a harmful greenhouse gas named methane, and this gas is 25 times more harmful than carbon dioxide. Landfills and other decomposing waste emit methane and that is how the level of this greenhouse gas is growing and polluting the environment. This is a cause of major concern. The primary objective of taking eco friendly measures is to reduce the production of greenhouse gases. That is why coming up with green ways of dealing with waste is so important.

The City Council has taken measures to introduce an advanced waste treatment plan that turns waste into energy for the city. This can be achieved through:

  • Recovering both energy and material resources from waste so that virtually no waste goes to landfills
  • Converting the non-recyclable waste products into non-fossil and renewable fuel gases
  • Converting non-fossil and fuel gases into substitute natural gases so they can be injected into the gas grid, which will lower the carbon energy delivery

So these are the plans that are going to be executed soon. The City Council looks forward to discussing the issue in great detail so that new advanced ways can be introduced for the betterment of Sydney and the environment.