Think Smart and Act Smarter for a Waste Free Kitchen

Did you know that if you work with a conscious bent of mind then creating a zero waste kitchen is going to as easy for you as ,let’s say making a sandwich? Surprised? Well, the truth of the matter is that if you take a little bit of care while working in your kitchen, and make a slight effort to ensure that all the different types of wastes that come out of your kitchen, are segregated and disposed off correctly, then, very soon you will have a completely zero waste kitchen.


So, how exactly are you supposed to get a zero waste kitchen? To begin with, you can make the most of various fruit seeds like blue berries, melons etc by washing the seeds under running water and leaving then to dry out. Then roast the seeds in a shallow pan on low heat. After the seeds turn slightly pink color, switch off the gas and let the seeds cool. Add a little salt , mix and store in small bottles. These can be used as mouth fresheners after meals. Seeds of oranges, lemons, sweet lime etc. can be washed, dried and ground to powder after roasting. This can be used as a flavoring agent in puddings, cakes, cookies etc. where you tend to use a lot of sugar. The tangy and slightly bitter taste of the seeds help to combat the sweetness of desserts.

Apart from that, you must ensure to keep different trash bins in your bin area. You can accumulate all the organic waste like vegetable peels, fruit extracts and peels, left overs etc. all in a single bin so that you can later throw into the compost pit in your backyard or in the corner of your garden. This organic waste is excellent as it can be used as fertilizers for your plants. Even used tea leaves and dried vegetables and cut fruits that might be left over in the refrigerator are excellent to be used as compost.

Then, you must take care to accumulate or store any non biodegradable wastes like aluminum foil, cans, containers, plastic wraps and packets and any thing and everything that is made of metal , glass, broken plates, cups, saucers, pots etc. or any other bio degradable matter in a separate bin. This can later be given off to waste brokers, who will take it to the right place for recycling.

You need to ensure that you keep all the recyclable waste products stored in the same place to avoid any kind of clutter in your kitchen area. This will also help you to give off every bit to the waste broker service when they arrive. If you forget to give away any waste that is recyclable, then you might just throw it with your regular trash and this will make the recyclable waste to go as landfill causing problems to the earth, which is simply the last thing you must be doing.  So, always remember that the basic idea of keeping your kitchen waste free ,can only be possible if you think and act smart.