Waste Broking FAQ’s

Why is waste management so important today?

Every person has varied and multiple waste sources, whether it is domestic or business. The lack of proper waste management system can lead to environmental harm and also affect one’s health. Contamination of land and underlying sources should be avoided at all costs and that is exactly what waste management helps to do. Proper disposal of waste can reduce the pressure on landfills and recycling can lead to reduction in power consumption for production of new things. And proper management of waste should ideally start with you.

How would I know what the best waste management solution is for my home/office?

Whether it is domestic or commercial, every waste source has a definitive set of factors that help to decide the best trash management solution for it. We will be your professional trash manager. We will have our expert consultant review your waste sources and creation rates. We will then design the right packages of waste management services for you. With us you get the right-size service, can optimize recycling, re-negotiate rates. This will help you save both resources and money.

Why should I contact a broker and not a hauler?

We at SMT Waste Brokers, use an effective system of analyzing, optimizing and managing your wastes so that you get the best services. A hauler would only take the waste away from the premises. You won’t have any guarantee about the optimization, proper disposal and recycling when working with a hauler.

What benefits does recycling have?

Recycling helps you, the community you live in and the environment in various ways. Following are just some of the ways how it is beneficial for everyone:
Recycling your waste can help to:

  • save natural resources
  • save landfill space
  • curb pollution
  • preserve energy
  • save money
  • create new areas of employment

What can be recycled?

Just about everything can be recycled. Everything starting from metals to paper/ cardboard, glass to plastics, batteries to bulbs and electronics can be recycled. However, the process involved for each one of these categories is different from the other. Please contact us to know more about these recycling processes.

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