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We assess your needs and compare waste management services from our extensive base of haulers.

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We do all the paperwork and running around and then manage your business waste disposal service ongoing.

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every client, no matter how small, has their own dedicated account manager contactable 24/7

Waste Broking FAQ’s

We compare waste management companies for you from our extensive base of removals companies.  

Save on Commercial Waste Cost

Our waste brokering and sourcing service is FREE of charge to you and your business.

What Does A Waste Broker Do

Waste Brokers are the middle person between the business owner and waste management company. A Waste Broker is here to negotiate the best rates for you on your behalf.

Commercial Waste Collection and Removal in Sydney and Australia

When you require a streamlined commercial waste removal for your business, our system offers the most efficient and streamlined collection to benefit the environment, and ensure your business processes are streamlined. With all aspects covered – from supplying cheap rubbish bins, business waste removal, disposal and recycling – your post-consumer and industrial waste is handled in a secure manner, for Sydney’s environmental future.

In a time when landfill waste is becoming a growing problem, and waterways are becoming clogged with refuse, it has never been as important to develop a solution. We are dedicated to ensuring the best for Sydney’s environment and improving the handling of waste around Australia.

Cheap waste removal for commercial businesses

Our management clients rely on our regular waste services and engage us in positive feedback. We sort refuse appropriately to ensure it is handled in a sustainable manner, and ensure as little refuse as possible is sent to landfill. In doing so, we recycle to produce new energy, consumer goods and raw materials.

A wide variety of waste disposal and removal options for Sydney

With extensive experience handling dangerous or difficult rubbish, we are able to work with any industry effectively and with great results. We are dedicated to safe handling of all materials – so we have you covered if you’re disposing medical supplies in Sydneyelectronic goods in Melbourne, food and hospitality waste in Penrith, and manufacturing or electrical gear in Brisbane.

Secure and safe workplaces for clients and employees

We want to ensure the complete safety and security of each and every one of the people we work with. Having taken out comprehensive cover for each commercial rubbish removal service we offer. We also provide work cover for all our employees, we are dedicated to your complete wellbeing.

A unique solution

We work with any industry to design tailored disposal systems and rubbish bins, to fit with any budget. Contact our Sydney-based disposal team – or one of our offices around Australia – for an in-depth discussion of your needs and industry requirements. We will provide you with an obligation-free quote on our rubbish bins and cheap waste disposal services for Sydney.


As Fujitsu continues to grow across Australia we needed to implement recycling solutions to compliment our waste management. Fujitsu chose to work with SMT waste broker to take the hassle out of finding not only the best rates but also the best customised recycling solutions to meet our company environmental policy.

Mark - Factory Manager

If there’s one thing you can rely on, it’s the communication with SMT. They are surprisingly available on weekends and after hours which is the time we need them most. Very easy to deal with and they genuinely care about resolving your issues.



Julian Damjano - Venue Manager|Riley St Garage Restaurant / Bar

Waste Broking FAQ’s

Every person has varied and multiple waste sources, whether it is domestic or business. The lack of proper commercial waste management system can lead to environmental harm and also affect one’s health. Contamination of land and underlying sources should be avoided at all costs and that is exactly what waste management helps to do. Proper disposal of waste can reduce the pressure on landfills and recycling can lead to reduction in power consumption for production of new things. And proper management of waste should ideally start with you.

Whether it is business or commercial, every waste source has a definitive set of factors that help to decide the best rubbish management solution for it. We will be your professional waste manager. We will have our expert consultant review your waste sources and creation rates. We will then design the right packages of waste management services for you. With us you get the right-size service, can optimize recycling, re-negotiate rates. This will help you save both resources and money.

We at SMT Waste Brokers, use an effective system of analyzing, optimizing and managing your waste so that you get the best services. A waste removal service would only take the waste away from the premises. You won’t have any guarantee about the optimisation, proper disposal and recycling when working with a hauler

SMT Waste Brokers offers you a comprehensive range of recycling, treatment and disposal solutions for each one of your waste streams, be it commercial or domestic. Whether it is hazardous and non-hazardous drum or bulk waste in solid, semi-solid, sludge or gaseous waste, we have the right infrastructure and solutions of disposal and recycling.

SMT Waste Brokers takes pride in the quality of service that it provides. Sustainability performance is what we aim at and that is exactly what has helped us to establish ourselves as a pioneer in the waste management sector. Through a highly coordinated network, we bring to you reliable, cost-effective services. Our services encompass incineration, landfill disposal recycling, wastewater treatment, etc. We help you to figure out exactly what kind of waste management solutions you need and implement the most effective of services.

We are always in compliance with regulations set by the authorities and try our best to reduce liabilities by eradicating risk factors. To us health and safety of our clients come first and we implement cutting edge technology to ensure that our clients can contact us whenever needed and stay safe during the various stages of waste management process. We keep in the loop every step of the way and can thus monitor the entire method.

In our services we try to control costs in order to continue to provide you with the best value in waste related services. We have made it our mission to look for cleaner technologies and we hope to reduce the overall impact of waste on the environment. We only charge for what we offer and it must be noted that the costs of the services depend on the requisites of the individual project. It must be mentioned here that fuel prices and environmental compliance-related costs are certain things that are out of our control. Please contact us to get a quote.

Chasing around after many waste companies can take you time and cost you money, at the end of it all do you really know if you are getting the best deal.

The SMT Waste Brokers team have worked in the waste industry for many years we know how the system works and we work with you and for you to deliver the best results for your business.

This may be in many forms from

  • Saving money
  • Saving time
  • Streamlining accounting processes
  • Increasing recycling strategies

Our service provides our clients with a FREE waste audit and free quotes, we then allocate a dedicated account manager to your business and dedicate each day to our passion “customer service”.

If you would like to meet with one of our waste experts please contact us or call 1300 881 830